Yellowing Curtain Crust (Sterium subtomentosum)

I love rummaging around piles of dead wood and tree stumps. I am not that good on fungi identification but I find them fascinating and you never quite know what you will find. This lovely green, brown and white one was new to me when I saw it for the first time on Greenhill Down; quite appropriate a green fungus on Greenhill Down? Thanks to my excellent new book, the Collins Fungi Guide, I had it sewn up in no time, the Yellowing Curtain Crust! An occasional species on rotting broad-leaved tree debris found mainly in the south east of England so right on the dge of its range here in Dorset then.

The flesh is leathery and tough, and hard when dry. Not one for the table then.
Find out more about the Yellowing Curtain Crust in Dorset here:

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