Spotted Toughshank (Collybia maculata)

Spotted Toughshank (Collybia maculata)
The brown speckles on the top of a cream toadstool make this species fairly easily identifiable. The brown freckles give it its name of Spotted Toughshank and also its Latin name of maculata which means spotted. This species occurs from spring through to winter but is most common in autumn in needle and leaf litter in woodlands of all types, especially those on more acidic soils and heaths so Purbeck is ideal for it and it probably one of the first species you would encounter here when walking in Wareham Forest. It is widespread and occurs in troops so where there is one you will often find several.
It has a bitter, unpleasant taste so is best left alone.
Find out more about the Spotted Toughshank in Dorset here:

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