Snowy Inkcap (Coprinus niveus)

Many things in nature have their own particular niche and it is very true of most fungi who have a preferred host on which they grow. In this case, the Snowy Inkcap thrives on old cow and horse dung and so it is often found in pasture that is well grazed. The dung is not always still visible when the fruiting toadstool appears above ground. This is a summer and autumn species growing in groups or small troops and is widespread and common.
The distinctive feature of this species is the appearance of black marks around the edge of the cap. The cap starts bell shaped but flattens with age before slowly distintegrating as all ink caps tend to do. Its edibility is unknown so if you want to try it let me know how it tastes, if you survive the experience of course!
Find out more about the Snowy Inkcap in Dorset here:

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