Lurid Bolete (Boletus luridus)

I was surprised to find this fungi described as 'lurid' so I checked my dictionary for a definition and lurid does mean vivid in shocking detail! Now I agree that the photo I have taken is vivid in shocking detail as this poor specimen was well past its best when I found it and looking decidedly nasty. However, read on in the dictionary and an alternative meaning for the word is pallid in colour and, as the cap of this species is a paler brown than many of its cousins I suspect that is where the name comes from. It is a widespread species occuring in all sorts of habitat from woods to parks and pasture but it is not that common. It is an early species too, appearing in summer and early autumn.
It is edible but would you want to eat something that looks like this?
Find out more about the Lurid Bolete in Dorset here:

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