Chimney Sweeper (Odezia atrata)

Many of the most successful species of nature thrive because they can cope in a variety of habitats and conditions, others have much more specific requirements and can only be found where those conditions are met. The Chimney Sweeper moth has some pretty specific requirements! It likes chalk grassland, limestone hills and damp grassy meadows and at Corfe Common the chalk of the Purbeck Ridge to the north and the limestone Purbeck Hills to the south meet in the damp, grassy conditions that exist on the common. As a result, this is a place to find this little black moth in June and July flying on sunny days.

This is a local uncommon species in the south of England but, because the habitat is right, it is quite common on Corfe Common!
Find out more about the Chimney Sweeper moth in Dorset here:

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