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I have been interested in nature for most of my life but since I retired I spend as much time as I can exploring the nature reserves and wildlife hotspots of my adopted home, Dorset in southern England. Whilst out I record what I see and take snaps where I can (I am no photographer!) and that forms the basis of my Nature of Dorset website. When I find something new I like to research it and write about it in my nature notes, it is how I learn and hopefully you might find my notes helpful as well!

This website is for the people of Dorset interested in wildlife and for people from elsewhere interested in the wildlife of Dorset!

03 July, 2012

Blue Spot Knight (Tricholoma columbetta)

The Blue Spot Knight is widespread but not particularly common being found predominantly in broad-leaved woodland, especially where beech and/or oak are present. The grow in late summer and early autumn on soil where there is not too much leaf litter.

They have an undulating cap with a slightly rusty centre, almost as if water has collected in the middle at some point and started the rusting process! Why, then, is it called the Blue Spot Knight? Often they have have blue 'spots' on the outside edge of the cap when mature. Naturally the one I found and photographed does not show this!

They are apparently edible although a bit tough and stringy, think I'll stick to shop mushrooms!
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