Konrads Parasol (Macrolepiota konradii)

This is a rather uncommon species that occurs on open woodland rides and woodland edges in Southern England, notably on heathland and Dorset has its share of that!
A 'mushroom' but one of the parasol type with a flatish cap (rather than the convex cap of the 'edible' mushrooms) which can be between 7 and 12cm in width. Look also for the ring of flesh around the stipe where the cap parted company with it after emergence; this is a ghuide to the group raather than the actual species.
This species can be found in late summer and in to late autumn and it is edible but as an uncommon species it is best left to reproduce and ensure future generations of the species survive.
Find out more about Konrads Parasol in Dorset here: www.natureofdorset.co.uk/species_panel/Konrads%20Parasol?...

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