Parrot Wax Cap (Hygrocybe psittacina)

Amongst fungi enthusiasts I guess wax caps are the inequivalent orchids to botanists and raptors to bird watchers. I have no idea why this is called the Parrot toadstool or wax cap. The bright colour perhaps?

I find fungi in general hard to identify so a distinctive one comes as a bonus. The bright yellow colour and waxy finish to the cap make this quite distinctive although there are a couple of similar close relatives but they seem to be much, much rarer.

The Parrot Wax Cap is not uncommon, described by Roger Phillips as 'occasional', and is found on grassy areas on downs and on heaths which ties in with the two places I found it this year, Hartland Moor (heath) and Durlston (downs).

Apparently an edible toadstool but it a bit unpleasant as it tastes as slimy as it looks.

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