Clouded Agaric (Clitocybe nebularis)

Common names can be so confusing! This is the Clouded Agaric and so you might reasonably think that it is related to the more distinctive red-capped Fly Agaric but no, totally different families. The Fly Agaric is an Amanita whereas the Clouded Agaric is a Clitocybe. Just to add to the confusion, Agaric comes from Agaricus which is the familiy name of fungi we know as edible mushrooms so neither the Fly or Clouded are Agarics at all ...

The Clouded Agaric is pretty common, especially here in Purbeck, as it thrives in both deciduous and coniferous woodland and is quite at home amongst the conifers in and around Wareham Forest. It usually appears in troops, or possibly as a ring. The cap is slightly convex at first and gradually flattens and then becomes concave. The cap is a milky grey in colour, often darker in the centre. The cap can vary in size from a couple of inches in diameter to six inches or even more.

Supposedly edible but apparently it is known to cause gastric upsets so another species left well alone for others to see and enjoy.

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