Raven (Corvus corax)

Originally uploaded by Peter Orchard
I have seen many changes in my 35 years of birding and one of them is the rise in numbers of Ravens recently.

Not that long ago I had never seen a Raven and now when I am out and about on the Dorset coast I usually see one and occasionally they are seen at inland sites, especially on the north Dorset downs.

They can be a bit difficult to distinguish from Carrion Crow at first but they are significantly bigger and have 'fingered' wing ends. They also have a definite 'croak' call which they are more than happy to use!

Like all the crow family (corvids) they are very intelligent birds and this can show itself in a variety ways.

Whilst rarely seen in great numbers during the day they do congregate in to communal roosts at night and in some areas of the country I know they can be together in huge numbers. Anyone know of a communal roost in Dorset?

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