Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

Here is another creature, familiar in Dorset now, that has its origins in wildfowl collections in our country parks and gardens from Victorian times.

The Canada Goose is, of course, now widespread on lakes, ponds and other waterside areas across the country.

The Canada Goose is a North American species where there are several variable races. The one we are familiar with here is the pale Atlantic coast variety.

In their native environment they are very migratory along the Atlantic coast of North America. In this country the population seems less mobile although they can still make a pretty impressive sight when thirty or more form a 'V' shaped skein and fly over our house and up the Frome Valley in the early autumn making that wonderfully evocative 'honking' call as they go.

Like many imported species they can be a bit of a pest, and they certainly make a real mess with their droppings. In places steps are being taken to control their numbers now.

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