Great Green Bush Cricket (Tettigonia viridissima)

Here is real little beast with a nasty bite if you get your hands too close! None the less, a beautiful creature that is by far our largest Bush-cricket at over 2" long.

They are quite common here in Dorset on scrub and bramble especially on the coastal cliffs and along the Purbeck Ridge. I have seen them in various places from Dursleton and Swyre Head to Corfe Castle and Creech Hill.

Although large insects their green colouring makes them difficult to spot but if you have good hearing then you will be able to pick up their 'loud' sewing machine like stridulation. At my age I can't hear them but I do have a bat detector to help me find grasshoppers and crickets. This one is quite deafening through the detector and you can pick them 50 yards away.

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