Large Black Slug (Deroceras reticulatum)

If snails are a ;problem in gardens, what does that make the slug? Slugs would probably come out number 1 in a poll of gardens to say which is the most troublesome garden pest. People will stop at nothing to try and keep them under control it seems. My wife used to do a morning patrol of their favoured hiding places and collect them up in a pot and we would dump them somewhere well out of range when we went out. Even slugs are protected from harm in our garden but they are not safe from eviction!

This Large Black Slug also occurs in various other forms including brown and a chestnut versions. Although it will apparently eat anything it is not a species that does much damage in the garden, that honour falls to the smaller Netted Slug.

I guess the poor slug is not going to be popular with anyone as it has little going for it. However, Hedgehogs, Frogs and Grass Snakes are all very partial to a tasty slug so someone loves them.

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