Thrift (Armeria maritima)

One feature of our coasts in summer that we must nearly all be familiar with is the wonderful carpets of sea Thrift. During June and July it will be a major feature of our sea side environment with lovely carpets of pink flowers.

The complex flower heads are very popular with insects and the 6-spot Burnett moth will be just one of many insects to feast on its nectar.

In some areas the Thrift forms large carpets of spongy green foliage and this is a great place for insects to build their nests.

I am old enough to remember the old 'thrupenny-bit'; a five sided coin of the pre-decimalisation days which featured thrift on the back. I have no idea where this plant gets its thrifty name or why it was on that coin. If anyone does know I would be really pleased to find out.

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