Dog Rose (Rosa canina)

One of my memories of childhood is having to take a spoonful of Rose Hip Syrup every day (that may have been only during winter). During and in the early days after the second world war children were sent out to collect Rose Hips to make this sickly syrup as it is a rich source of Vitamin C and in those days our diets were restricted by shortages of imported fruit. Rose Hip Syrup was an ideal diet supplement and I find that it can still be bought from health food shops today!

I also remember taking the thin, leathery coating off the hips to reveal the seeds inside and we put the seeds down our school friends shirts as 'itchy powder'!

The fruits of the hedgerow were vital to our ancestors and they remain so for our mammal, bird and insect populations today. It is such a shame that as soon as the crop harvest is finished we use flails on tractors to cut the fruits from our hedges before the berries and seeds can be used in a productive way, all in the name of tidiness. I'm back on my soap box again!

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