Musk Mallow: graceful and delicate

My field guide describes the musk mallow (Malva moschata) as a graceful plant; how something that does not move can be graceful I am not sure but yet I knows what the author means. Although it can grow to over two feet tall and is quite a sturdy plant I think it looks very delicate; perhaps more delicate than graceful? That delicacy is, possibly, due to lovely pale pink flowers that adorn the plant from June to August.
The flower is classic mallow in style, five equal and almost triangular petals around a cluster of stamens in the middle. The flowers do have a faint musky smell hence the common name. Not only does the pale pink flower tend to set it apart from other mallows the leaves are very different too being deeply cut in to narrow strips. 
It is not a not common plant but it can be found on dry, bare areas in grassy and scrubby places and sometimes it can be found as a weed of cultivation. Being such a lovely flower it can also be found in gardens and can be more common near human habitation than it further away.
Musk Mallow: graceful and delicate

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