Yellow Loosestrife: the King of Sicily

In researching this little piece about the yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia vulgaris) I discovered two things that surprised me! Firstly, because we have some in our garden I suppose, I thought that any specimens in the wild were garden escapes but that is not so; it seems to be a genuinely wild, native flower. Secondly, probably because it shares part of its name and occurs in similar habitats, I assumed it was related to the more frequently found purple loosestrife but again, I was wrong, they belong to different families.
Yellow loosestrife is a rather lovely flower with spikes of bold yellow flowers, little wonder it is grown in gardens. It is a tall plant growing to 1.5 metres high and it can stand proudly high above the other plants nearby and it can be seen from some distance.
Apparently Lysimachus was a Greek King of Sicily and loosestrife is a direct translation of that. How it comes to be name of a genus of flowers is another matter!
Yellow Loosestrife: the King of Sicily

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