Ragged Robin: torn to shreds

Ragged Robin (Lychnis flos-cuculi) looks a bit like its close cousin, the red campion on which someone has decided to shred the petals with a razor blade! It is a member of the Campion family and was once a common flower of wet meadows, fens and damp places but as much of this habitat has been drained over recent years to make improved pasture it has declined considerably.
Favoured by some species of buttefly and long-tongued bees as a nectar source the ragged Robin is actually visited buy a large variety of insects which make it a valuable bnectar source in summer. In Dorset it can still be found along the margins of our main rivers and in meadows that remain damp through the spring, especially where flooding occurs during the winter. It flowers from May through to July.
Ragged Robin: torn to shreds

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