Bullfinch: a touch of nostalga

In June 1977 this bird (well this species of bird) changed the course of my life! My wife and I were doing the washing up in the kitchen of our holiday cottage in Wales and there, perched on top the hedge right outside the window was one of these. We had no interest in  wildlife at the time but were entranced by the beauty of this little chap and so, next day, wet set off for the nearest town, went into W H Smith and found a field guide to birds and there it was, a bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula). From then on we were hooked and, with the aid if our new book, we spent the rest of our holiday bird watching.
The bullfinch has never a been a common species during the time since then but, like so many other species, it is certainly even less these days. To see one on a nut bag is, I reckon, quite unusual. I say "to see one" there are actually two, his mate is behind him on the other side of the feeder. That is one of the enchanting things about bullfinches, they are very loyal to their mate and you nearly always see them together as a pair.
Bullfinch: a touch of nostalga

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