Idaea biselata: small fan-foot wave

The small fan-foot wave (Idaea biselata) is a moth of the hedgerow. It lays its eggs on bramble as well as on dandelion, plantain and knotgrass, all of which are plentiful along a hedge or woodland edge.
This is a species that can sometimes be seen during the day at rest on hedgerow plants but, as the name implies, it is a small species and is certainly often overlooked. Being so small my attempts to get a bigger picture resulted in a rather blurred image. The small fan-foot wave is common in June, July and August, not just in Dorset but across the whole country
There are several 'wave' species and are so named because the have a series of wavy lines running through the fore wings.
Idaea biselata: small fan-foot wave

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