Epirrhoe alternata: the common carpet moth

The common carpet moth (Epirrhoe alternata) is not a moth that lays eggs in carpets and where the larvae munch away at your floor coverings! I have said this about other carpet species too and it is worth repeating as I would not want them falsely persecuted because of misconceptions based on their name.
The common carpet is quite variable in colouring but the underlying pattern remains consistent. It is this intricate pattern on the wings that gives them their name, like the design of a best Axminster or Wilton carpet.
It is a very common species that can be found in a wide range of habitats, especially gardens, from April right through until October as it has several consecutive broods.  It can be seen by day but it is not really a day time moth like some other species.The food plant of the larvae are flowers of the bedstraw family and definitely not carpets!
Epirrhoe alternata: the common carpet moth

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