Tremella mesenterica: the yellow brain fungus

There are some strange things in our natural world in Dorset and this is one of them! This seems more like slime than a fungus but then fungi come in such a diverse array of forms, shapes, sizes and colours. This one has the wonderful common name of the yellow brain fungus (Tremella mesenterica) and it is certainly yellow! It starts lemon yellow, then becomes egg yoke coloured before drying orange. In its early stages it gelatinous, watery and translucent but it becomes brittle when dry. It is found on dead branches of hazel and gorse. This coinnection with gorse means is quite frequent on dead gorse bushes on the heaths of Purbeck. It can also occur on ash, beech and some other broad-leaved trees. It is visible all year and is quite common.
It is not edible, but then I didn't fancy it anyway!
Tremella mesenterica: the yellow brain fungus

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