Lesser Stitchwort: a stitch in time

Greater stitchwort, sometimes called shirt buttons, is very much a flower of woodlands and hedgerows so to find that its cousin, lesser stitchwort (Stellaria graminea) prefers grassy places, usually on acid soils is quite a surprise. This explains, however, why one often finds lesser stitchwort on heathland.
Whilst having similar characteristics to greater stitchwort lesser is, as it name suggests, a much frailer, with narrower stems and smaller leaves. The petals are much finer too giving it a very different look, whilst still feeling familiar.  The narrow white flowers lead to its other common name, starwort.
It flowers from May until August (greater stitchwort flowers earlier than this) and is quite common in the right habitat.
Lesser Stitchwort: a stitch in time

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