Wavy Bittercress: this way and that

Although they may not know the name all gardeners will be familiar with the rampant little weed, hairy bittercress. This species I am featuring is its cousin, the wavy bittercress (Cardamine flexuosa). Although its appearance is not disimmilar there are many reasons why you should joot confuse the two.
Firstly, wavy bittercress is a bigger, stronger plant than the much smaller hairy variety. Wavy bittercress grows in damp woodland areas, often on muddy paths, whereas hairy bittercress is a weed of cultivated ground hence its presence in gardens in profusion! Finally, and it is the origin of its common name, the stem of wavy bittercress zig-zags from side to side turning in a different direction at each leaf joint.
This is a member of the cabbage family and can be used as a salad garnish but you would need an awful lot of it to make a meal.
Wavy Bittercress: this way and that

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