Small Toadflax: the dwarf snapdragon

Small toadflax (Chaenorhinum minus) is not a flower one encounters on nature reserves very often as arable land, which is its stronghold, rarely features on reserves. I have only seen this in the fields near Ashley Wood that one crosses to get to the wood from Tarrant Rushton. In the fields here it is quite common and I suspect that it is common elsewhere in north Dorset where wild flowers are given a chance. This is often in the corner of fields where the sprays do not reach and sometimes on footpaths that run across fields where the crops are thin.
Small toadflax is an attractive little plant having classic small snapdragon flowers on a slender, hairy stalk. Several purple and yellow flowers occur alternately up the central stem. Several stems come from a central root to make a small bushy plant. It flowers from June until October.
This plant is also known

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