Hairy brome: the woodland oats

Hairy brome (Bromopsis ramosa) is a grass found in woodlands on rich soils and so is also known as wood brome. Bromes tend to have droopy heads with flowers almost like tassels and hairy brome certainly displays those features. Bromes are related to the oat grasses and the florets have longish, thin spiked florets.
Hairy brome is quite a tall grass, anything from 1 to 1.5 metres tall and it has long, narrow leaf that has hairs on the surface, hence hence the common name. The flower heads bend forward under the weight of the florets that run along a series of very slender stems, four of five florets to a stem. These flowers are in full flow during July and August.
This grass should not be confused with other species although giant fescue might seem similar 

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