Lily Beetle: the unwelcome guest | Nature Notes from Dorset

We British love our gardens, we have brought plants from all corners of the globe to adorn them. Our garden is a home for any plant we select and allow to live there. Sadly, not so with insects; we are far more selective and will readily resort to chemical controls to keep insects out. If you disagree with that statement then count the pesticide controls on the shelves of your local garden centre.
We brought lilies in to Britain from all over the world to grow in our gardens and, naturally, in bringing in the plants we brought in insects that use them as a food source; with lilies that is the lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii). The lily beetle is not an indigenous species, it was introduced by human beings and now, along with other 'invasive' species, they are deemed a pest when they are only doing what they have done since their first appearance in the scheme of evolution - eat lilies!

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