Hoverfly: Helophilus pendulus

If you have a pond in your garden you will almost certainly find this smart hoverfly, Helophilus pendulus, nearby. It is one of the easier hoverflies to identify because it has yellow vertical stripes on its thorax, the only really common species that has this feature. It has a cousin, Helophilus hybridus, which is far less likely to be encountered.
This is a common and very widespread species found all over the United Kingdom. Its larvae have been found in farmyard drains, very wet manure and very wet old sawdust (who on earth looks at these sorts of things?) and so is a very versatile and adaptable little creature.
Whilst having a passion for shallow ponds, puddles and ditches it can be found well away from water and as well as having a liking for flowers it can also be found sat on leaves basking in the sunshine

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