Grey Field Speedwell: eyes of blue | Nature Notes from Dorset

Our most common speedwell (or bird's-eye) in fields and gardens is the aptly named common field speedwell but there is a close, similar sprawling member of the same family to be found on bare, cultivated ground and that is the grey field speedwell (Veronica polita). Although similar they are not the same, however, and of course there are differences which may go unnoticed at first until one is aware of the existence of them both and their variations.
The first and most obvious difference is the flower. The grey field speedwell has a perfectly blue flower with a white centre whereas its cousin has a white lower lip and is generally a much paler blue. The second difference, and it is where its name comes from, is that the leaves are a greyish green colour as opposed to the pale green of the common field speedwell. Both are prostrate plants

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