Greater Plantain: down trodden but thriving

I do not think it is unfair to say that greater plantain (Plantago major) is one of those flowers that people just take for granted, hardly notice or just ignore. I suppose that is partly because it is so common, partly that it is rather nondescript and partly because it does not even look like a flower!
Greater plantain is basically a green plant; a basal rosette of green leaves, a green stem and a cluster of green flowers forming a series up the stems. It can be quite variable in size being quite small and insignificant or as much as 40 centimetres tall and quite imposing. It perhaps looks more like a member of the fern family than a flowers, adders-tongue fern comes to mind.
This is certainly a common plant occurring along paths where it is typically quite small, in farm yards and farm fields, in gardens and lawns, and just about anywhere there is bare or well trodden ground. In damp places it tends to grow larger

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