Field Pansy: wild but not the wild pansy

Our most common wild pansy is not the wild pansy itself but the field pansy (Viola arvensis). The field pansy in its natural state is a delightful small creamy coloured flower but it does hybridise with the wild pansy which is purple or mauve and so sometimes the appearance can vary and, as always with hybridisation, can be quite misleading to a casual observer like me. The pansy is, of course, a familiar garden flower and everyone will surely recognise the familiar shape of the flower, stem and leaves. The garden pansy can also be found in the wild as a garden escape but there should be no difficulty in telling them apart from their wild cousins.
As its name implies, the field pansy will be found in arable fields flowering from April through until July but it far from common now it having declined with so many of our 'weeds of cultivation' following the extensive use of herbicides in modern farming,
This may be a small, delicate flower but research has shown 

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