Smooth Meadow-grass: Kentucky blue-grass | Nature Notes from Dorset

I may have mentioned elsewhere that identifying grasses can be difficult and it certainly can be as you can find several related species that have little details that separate them and, unless you specialise in the subject, remembering those differences and spotting them in the field can be a challenge. I find that a grass may look familiar but that I cannot put a name to it. Usually there is a lot of the species about at the point i found it so I take a sample home for inspection! It is the only species group that I do collect very occasionally.
Smooth meadow-grass (Poa pratensis) is one of those species I need to take a sample of. Although it is very, very common on dry grasslands, waysides and waste ground it is so like other species of grasses that I am never totally sure of it, the truth lies in the detail! It has a smooth stem and short, pointed leaves. It can grow to anything from 6 inches to over two feet tall but it has no obvious distinctive feature and needs close examination.

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