Red Deadnettle: the purple archangel | Nature Notes from Dorset

When I decided that my nature surveying and recording days were over and that I would buy a new camera and try my hand at some snaps of wildlife I had no idea that my eyes would be opened to a new world! For years, I would walk along with my recorder and mutter "Red Deadnettle" and walk on without a second glance. Now, as I try to get a respectable shot of just about anything, when I get home and plug the camera in to the computer I am often amazed at the beauty I had missed all those years.
OK, Red Deadnettle (Lamium purpureum) is hardly a rarity! It is one of our most common weeds of cultivation and can be found in profusion on disturbed ground just about anywhere and everywhere; indeed, we will probably be pulling some out next time we can get in to the garden. However, looked at close up through the camera lens it becomes a different plant and a thing of rare beauty. Well, that's how it looks to me anyway, how about you?
Although looking like a nettle it does not sting  which is why it is called a deadnettle

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