Purple Toadflax: the perennial snapdragon | Nature Notes from Dorset

Purple toadflax (Linaria purpurea) was originally a garden plant in this country imported from its native Italy but is spreads readily on cultivated ground and has now escaped into the wider countryside where it prospers on roadsides, waste ground and farm field corners just about anywhere. It is not that common as yet but where it occurs there can be a lot of it! We know this to our costs, when we moved to our current property the garden was full of it and despite waging all out (non-chemical) warfare against it it is still coming up all over the place!
It is actually quite an attractive flower and it is easy to see why it is popular in gardens. It is quite a tall plant growing up to a metre high with long spikes of small snapdragon flowers; hence its other name, the perennial snapdragon. As well as being a perennial it seeds readily so it wins on both fronts! You can pull out the plants but the seeds soon develop and grow afresh.

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