Hoverfly: Eristalis nemorum | Nature Notes from Dorset

There are five members of the Eristalis family likely to be found Dorset and they are all rather similar to the inexperienced eye! Quite often records will have an element of doubt about them as even specimens within the same species can differ in markings. The differences between species can be as slight as the width of the tibia (part of the leg!) or small markings on the wing. Not an easy task without catching specimens for microscopic identification. 
Eristalis nemorum is one of the smaller members of the eristalis genus. It is very common and found in a diverse array of woodland and grassland environments throughout the late spring, summer and in to the autumn. The segements of the abdomen seem to me to be much more pronounced with white bands in this species than in the other small eristalis species, arbustorum. 
In this species the male can often be seen hovering

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