Dark-green Fritillary: flap flap glide | Nature Notes from Dorset

Three things stand out for me with the dark-green fritillary (Argynnis aglaia) which can help with identification as fritillaries can be quite difficult to tell apart unless you get a good view of them.
Firstly, the dark-green fritillary is very much a butterfly of open chalk grassland and downs where there are good quantities of flowering plants to nectar on whereas the other fritillaries would not be seen in such surroundings. Secondly, the dark-green fritillary has a very strong, direct flight and has intermittent glides between wing beats. I am not sure any other species of butterfly actually does this. Finally, it is not dark green! Well, not at first sight at least. This is a wonderful large, orange and brown species but, if you see it at rest on a flower you will see the underside of the wing is, indeed, partly dark green.

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