Hoverfly: Epistrophe nitidicollis | Nature Notes from Dorset

The yellow/orang and black hoverflies that mimic wasps are really difficult to identify. I am lucky enough to have the definitive guide to hoverflies as I have a real fondness for them (it takes all sorts!) and there are some thirty or so similar species. This species is, as far as I can tell from the pattern of the markings on the thorax, Epistrophe nitidicollis.  
This specimen was by a woodland path in Thorncombe Wood near Hardy's Cottage at Bockhampton. It was sat on a tree leaf and, lo and behold, my book says that woodland rides and coppice glades in spring provide the best conditions for seeing them. This is a fairly local species in the south, flies from April to August but peaks in May. I saw several of them in quite a small area.

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