Ground-elder: widespread and troublesome | Nature Notes from Dorset

Whilst quite an attractive plant, a member of the carrot family (or umbellifereae), ground-elder (Aegopodium podagraria) has something of a reputation! My field guide describes it as "a perennial and pestilential weed of shady places, waysides and all too often, gardens." For the sake of clarity pestilential means "very widespread and troublesome" so ground-elder is undoubtedly a widespread and troublesome weed of cultivation. 
This plant has flowers and leaves that resemble;e those of elder hence its accepted common name but it not related to elder in any way. It is also known by a number of other country name such as herb gerardbishop's weedgoutweed, and snow-in-the-mountain. The leaves are edible and this was once grown as a crop! It is thought to relieve the symptoms of gout and arthritis if applied as a compress 

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