Help with identifying wild flowers ...

Back in April 2013 I introduced a new feature to my Nature of Dorset website. It was a ‘top down’ pictorial system that helped casual observers identify anything from mammals to fungi. I admit it is pretty basic and has many flaws but I do get positive feedback about how useful people found have it.
As a result of this  I have decided to try and improve the feature starting with wild flowers
and during 2014 a new system will emerge. Today I am releasing a pilot version and hope some of you will try it out and tell me how you get on with it and how you think it could be improved.
Along with this post is a photograph; you may know what the flower is as soon as you see it. It is a common flower of the woodland floor in spring and armed with just that information you might like to try and find it using my new aid, even if you do know what it is already.
No prizes for getting it right other than the prize of knowing you may be helping me create something many people will find useful.

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