Pleated Inkcap (Parasola plicatilis)

This is a small inkcap, not one of the coprinus genus, this is a parasola - but it is not a parasol mushroom! The pleated cap gives it is species name of plicatilis. It is common either as solitary specimens or in small groups in on bare earth and in grass in fields, along path edges, lawns, just about anywhere really which makes it very common.

The photograph I have taken is of a newly emerged cap which is dome shaped but it soon opens up to form a classic parasol with pleats, a truly lovely little fungi often overlooked bacuase of its size.

I have no idea if they are edible but in any case they are so small and you would need a good number of them to make a reasonable breakfast that it really is not worth the trouble!
Find out more about the Pleated Inkcap in Dorset here:

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