Wood Mushroom (Agaricus silvicola)

The Wood Mushroom is the woodland equivillent of the Field Mushroom! Rather than appearing on grassland the Wood Mushroom lives up to its name and can be found in both deciduous and confirerous woods; it has a liking for beech trees. It has a creamy cap that can tinge yellow and has a scent of aniseed. It is an autumn species that tends to occur on open soil rather than amongst leaf litter so look for it on banks and sloping ground free of lying leaves. It usually occurs in small groups but it can also appear in troops as well.
This is a widespread species but not that common. It can be found in the autumn and is edible; but is best avoided in case of confusion with some of the deadly amanita species.
Find out more about the Wood Mushroom in Dorset here: www.natureofdorset.co.uk/species_panel/Wood%20Mushroom?vd...

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