Lichen (Cladonia cervicornis)

Despite first impressions, the Dorset heath, particularly here in the Purbeck area where I live, is not the monotinous monoculture of heather and gorse as it first appears. There are varied habitats within even a fairly small area if you look. In places, where the ground is quite bare, lichens grow readily amongst the mosses and that is where you might find Cladonia cervicornis.

According to the expert, Frank Dobson, in his authorative guide 'Lichens: An Illustrated Guide' which is still the foremost book on lichen and first published in 1979 (my copy dates from 1981!) this is "a common species nationally and is common on acid heaths, stabilised shingle, rocks, etc.". Personally I find that a little ambiguous as those habitats are not common nationally so how can a lichen that thrives in those habitats be common nationally?

Anyway, it is not uncommon here and can be found on the peat soils of the heath; on sunny days the reverse side looking quite silvery in the sun.

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