Long-Billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus)

I may be keen on wildlife but no one can say I'm a twitcher! This Long-Billed Dowitcher turned up a Lodmoor at least six weeks ago, has since visited Radipole, been to Poole and is now back at Lodmoor and today, purely by chance I caught up with it! Lunch with friends in Weymouth meant we stopped of at Lodmoor on the way back for a quick look and someone said "Would you like to see the Dowitcher through my telescope?".

Not long after he was captured on camera! A bit grainy but he was a long way off.

Is the Long-billed Dowitcher a rarity? I guess so. It is a North American bird that has found itself off beam during southerly migration. I guess, in the five years we have been in Dorset this is the third so it happens, but not often!

What is intriguing is whether this bird will ever find its way home. At some point I guess it is going to head north in search of the breeding grounds and so hopefully it will find some of its own kind somewhere up there in the Arctic.

In the meantime it seems quite content as a guest of the RSPB, wading around in the Lodmoor shallow scrapes being watched by British birders.

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