Pochard (Aythya ferina)

My first reaction was that this was not a good enough photo to grace FLICKR where the quality of photos is outstanding. Then, on reflection, I thought that as my motives are not to display exceptional photographs but to show nature as it is then this was a fairly typical view of a Pochard!

Pochard are related to the Tufted Duck and are often seen in the company of them, they both favour fresh water locations. In general, however, while the Tuftie is an active duck, always going somewhere, doing something, saying something (see my Tufted Duck photo!) the Pochard is much more laid back. In fact, they seem to spend most of the time drifting around, often with their head under their wing like this one.

Not as common as the Tuftie, the Pochard has these unmistakable grey flanks and an attractively coloured maroon neck and head. When the head comes out from under the wing it is often hunched up with little trace of the neck and the head has a rather pointed appearance!

So, my vote for the most 'chilled out' duck goes to the Pochard!

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