Brent Geese (Branta bernicla)

When winter comes so do the Brent Geese. Having nested in Greenland these geese make the long journey here every autumn and return to their nesting grounds in the spring every year.

They come to the east and south coasts of England; the Solent shore, Poole Harbour and the Fleet are particular favourite wintering haunts.

The Brent Goose is related to the Canada Goose but is much smaller. In fact, the Brent is hardly bigger than a Shelduck. Not only is it smaller but the white 'chin strap' is much less pronounced so you should have no trouble telling them apart even from a distance.

They are quite happy in the company of Canada Geese however and mixed flocks are not unusual. They are very keen on Eel Grass that is exposed at low tide but in between tides they are happy browsing on rough pasture, just as this pair are.

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