Spoonbill (Platalea leucorodia)

Will they, won't they, start to nest near Poole Harbour?

I am sure we are all aware of how the Little Egret has spread as a nesting species in this country in the last 20 or so years but the question now is, will its cousin, the Spoonbill, follow suit?

Spoonbills actually nest quite nearby in Holland and a pair have bred in Somerset recently so the prospects are good.

In Poole we have had wintering birds in recent years spending a lot of time on Brownsea Lagoon and at Middlebere Lake. In the summer, 2008, six young birds stayed all year and we hoped they would start to nest but in the spring they disappeared.

Now, already, there are at least eleven back in the harbour so who knows, may be next spring?


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