Wasp Beetle (Clytus arietis)

The flowers of the carrot family are super places to look for insects, espceially beetles and flies (including hoverflies).

Walk along any hedgerow where Hogweed dominates and you will find an assortment of little creatures, some quite striking.

The Wasp Beetle is a devotee of a wide range of hedgerow plants but when they get on a white background they really stand out with those wasp like yellow and black bands which is how it gets its name, of course. Standing out so would normally make them a prime target for predators but those wasp-like markings are enough to warn off any bird looking for a quick snack fearing a sting in the tail. In reality, this beetle is a wasp mimic and is totally harmless without a sting.

Active as adults from May through to July, they are certainly worth taking the trouble to look for.

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