Dog Rose (Rosa canina)

The Dorset hedgerows are now showing the lovely flowers of the Dog Rose. They flower in June and July and once pollinated will turn in to the Rose Hips we all know, those wonderful, shiny red/orange seed fruits of the autumn.

Actually, the Dog Rose can often be mistaken. There is a very similar rose, the Field Rose (Rosa arvensis) which is very similar in appearance, the Field Rose tending to be a low scrambling or trailing shrub whereas the Dog Rose is more of a climber. Dog Rose is the more common but the Field Rose is certainly not uncommon.

The Dog Rose can have these pink flowers as well as various lighter shades down to almost white. The Field Rose is pure white.

If you like insects then Dog Rose flowers are a good place to look for them as the open flowers attract a full range of insects from beetles to flies.

These roses are a bit untidy perhaps but never the less are very special.

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