Wild Arum (Arum maculatum)

I guess many of us struggle with Latin specific names. They are so much harder to remember than the English common name.

Specific names are important however and this plant really shows why that is so. This is Wild Arum also known as Lords and Ladies also known as Cuckoo-pint also known as the Arum Lily but specifically known as Arum maculatum.

Local English names can cause so much confusion. With birds there is the 'official' list of English names but not so with flora. The specific name is international, everywhere in the world where this plant occurs it will be specifically known as Arum maculatum.

So Arum maculatum is now in flower along our hedgerows. It is a very common plant and can be seen on chalk soils right across the county.

So call it what you will, my preference is Wild Arum, my field guide calls it Lords and Ladies, but we can at least agree on Arum maculatum!

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