Minotaur Beetle (Typhaeus typhoeus)

ack on the 12th April I posted a photo of a male Minotaur Beetle I had seen at Arne. It was quite striking with three pointed spines on its thorax which it uses to move Rabbit droppings to its nest where the female then takes it under ground for their larvae to feed on.

Well, today on Stoborough Heath I encountered the female pictured here and I thought it worth posting to show the difference. It is actually very similar, it lacks those three spines which would be a major impediment to it burrowing under ground to make a nest.

It favours sandy soil which tends to be softer which makes burrowing easier of course. The book says it particularly likes Rabbit droppings but doth the specimens I have found have been near Sika Deer rather than Rabbits so I think it has a penchant for deer poo.

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